Oi! Mister Brazil here straight from Rio de Janeiro. Traveling once again for business, and fun (because Brazil is always a happy experience)!

Before I share a Bite of Brazil with you today, I’d like to share a personal reflection I had this week…

I don’t know if I’ve expressed how much I love my job. It’s tough like any other job. The difference is that I enjoy the struggles and day to day grind as much as the days when everything goes as expected (which is so rare that my team celebrates these occasions). All of the hard work pays off at the end of each day. I have the opportunity to travel to new and wonderful places, connect with inspirational people, and introduce friends to my beautiful Brazil – this is more than amazing to me.

I thank you for being a part of this journey to my beautiful Brazil. Please keep Braziling with me so I can keep bringing you the best of Brazil (and so that I can keep my job).

And now back to the real topic of today, an introduction to a wonderful boutique hotel named Santa Teresa, which welcomed me with open arms during my #inBrazil2015 journey, and during all of my visits to the area.

Watch my lovely Mrs. Almost Brazilian and me review Santa Teresa below.

Santa Teresa Boutique Hotel in Rio de Janeiro

I recommend Santa Teresa

After three years of careful restoration, Hotel Santa Teresa redefines the boutique and luxury experience in Rio de Janeiro.

From its location in the heart of the historical Santa Teresa neighborhood you have magnificent views of Guanabara Bay and Corcovado Mountain. Other major tourist sites nearby include Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio’s Historical Center, and the Tijuca Forest. All are must see destinations in Rio, which makes this boutique’s location ideal.

This enticing and picturesque district of Rio de Janeiro, with its colonial mansions, museums, artist ateliers, popular nightlife and cuisine spots, and the only remaining tramway in Rio, provide a taste of an authentic Rio.

Santa Teresa is a place where red-tiled rooftops, cobblestone streets, and abundant sources of exotic nature replace high-rise buildings and city traffic.

Thank you so much to the hospitable managing staff and all of the Santa Teresa employees, who were equally welcoming, for a wonderful experience in this beautiful boutique hotel.

And thank you for reading. Please keep tuned as I bring Brazil to your screens. I hope to inspire you to travel to Brazil!

Don’t forget to comment below. Let me know what you like or didn’t like from today’s or previous posts. Or if there’s something you’d like to see me review, research, and write about for the future.