Exclusivity in Buzios—Ferradura Private Resort

Today I’d like to share with you my home city—Mister Brazil’s own personal and favorite paradise destination. I’ll go a little bit at a time since Buzios is such an important tourism spot within Brazil, and because Brazil is such a huge and amazing country in which to get lost.

ferradura-private-blog-05So let’s go! There’s a lot to talk about and I already feel like cooking some seafood to get back in the Buzios groove.

With an exciting history filled with pirates, privateers, and European sailors, the peninsula of Buzios has been a hotspot of activity since the sixteenth century.ferradura-private-blog-02

Today that bustle is still evident as this peninsula has become a major tourism destination and is now one of the most famous international destinations in Latin America.

With 23 beautiful beaches and averaging 250 days of sunshine per year, anyone from celebrities to artists to the average Joe is drawn by the charm and exotic splendor of the area.


Ferradura Beach


One of these 23 beautiful beaches is called Ferradura Beach or “Horseshoe Beach.” This beach, which gets its name from its shape, is nestled within a cove of lush green hills. A wonderful inlet/outlet to the sea is created here, providing a nice area for those who want to enjoy and play in the cool, clear waters.

Since I’m actually a native of Buzios, I’m genuinely delighted to lend my firsthand knowledge of this wonderful place and all the things it has to offer. Hopefully, some of my special tips and suggestions will further enhance your experience.

The houses on Ferradura Beach, which are quite large and very chic, often offer beautiful ocean views and panoramic sights.

Though this particular beach is never too crowded even in the “busy season,” during the off-season it takes on a hidden-gem quality, and its exclusive feel is perfect for a romantic getaway.

ferradura-private-blog-13A tip from Mister Brazil: The right side of the beach is always less crowded.

Years ago the left side of the beach was speckled with various restaurants and shops, but in an effort to improve and protect the environmental and natural beauty of the area, the government withdrew these vendors. What we are left with is a stunning and purely natural vision of the beach and ocean.

Buzios’ Touch—Exclusive Architecture


In addition to its obvious and incredible natural beauty, Buzios is special when it comes to architecture.

Ferradura Beach and the Buzios city proper developed a really interesting and unique style of construction that features rustic brick, stone, wood, and even French tile.

Enhancing these materials is the inclusion of massive glass windows so people inside can always be a glance away from outside. So you have these beautiful natural resources and all this glass that lends a lightness and gaiety to the city that you just can’t find anywhere else.

“But Mister Brazil, surely a place like that would attract hotel developers and those beautiful views would get obstructed!”

Not so! The city’s law does not allow the construction of buildings over two stories in order to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding land.

Just to give you an example of how eco-friendly Buzios is: if a person wants to cut down a tree for any reason, they have to first request that the city send out a technician to examine the property. Only if the technician agrees that you can remove the tree will the city consider granting it.

Most importantly, even if you win the approval of the city to remove the tree, you still have to repay the deed by planting 10 new trees for each one you cut down.

I, for one, really appreciate that the city is trying to preserve the environment around the peninsula as much as possible so that each generation gets to see Buzios as the historic, cultural, and natural gem it is.

Picking Your Boutique Hotel


There are plenty of boutique hotels all over Buzios for you to choose from, but let me tell you about the top two that I personally would pick at Ferradura Beach.

The first is Insolito Boutique Hotel, the more expensive and luxurious of the two. I will tell you about this one in the near future. Subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss hearing about this stunning boutique hotel.

The second is Ferradura Private Resort, which is less expensive, but still incredibly chic and accommodating.

The manager of Ferradura Private is named Clarissa, and she’s all about making sure you feel like you’re right at home.

ferradura-private-blog-08Be sure to ask her where to go eat and what to do during your stay! As soon as you see the beach, though, you’re going to forget about everything.

Each of the 15 VIP suites open up with a balcony overlooking that incredible sight, and each balcony has a table and chairs so that you can enjoy it morning, afternoon, and night. The suites have LCD TVs with cable (in case you want to stay indoors…), split air-conditioning, a minibar, electronic safe, and more importantly, bath robes and a spa bath. The private suites are even equipped with a two-seater Jacuzzi.

ferradura-private-blog-06The spacious pool and deck, cleverly constructed into rock overlooking the ocean, offer more stunning views.


If you decide to take a stroll onto the lower level of the decking you will find a small private beach exclusively for hotel guests. In addition to those amenities, the hotel also offers a restaurant, sauna, large Jacuzzi and pavilion.

Ferradura Private is intimate and cozy while remaining chic and sophisticated and is an excellent place to experience relaxation and enjoyment with loved ones.


It’s picturesque; tucked within the rolling hills, the outstretching rays of the Brazilian sun, and near the inviting beach and sea. You really can’t go wrong with this choice.

ferradura-private-blog-14A tip from Mister Brazil: Looking for romance? At the very right corner of the beach, there are some trees where you can plan a picnic or a romantic lunch/dinner. Around 6pm the sun will begin to set, so now’s the time to melt her heart with something creative!

Personal Experience—Sunset Party


Last summer in July of 2015 (winter time in Buzios) it was 80°F during the day with a nice breeze at night. One of the days that my beloved and I were staying in Ferradura Private seemed to be a day of celebration for many.

There were a couple of families celebrating birthdays with Champagne and dancing and singing. In the true spirit of Brazil, they invited us to dance and celebrate with them!


No one remains a stranger for long in Buzios!

The atmosphere in Ferradura is really just sublime, and I found it to be the perfect place for an intimate celebration.

With all those days of sunshine, there is the very likely possibility of being graced by a splendid sunset, such as the one that I was fortunate enough to witness while at the hotel. It was the perfect conclusion to a pleasant winter day in a place where a winter’s day reaches about 80°F.

Seeing the sunset from the Horseshoe Resort was something so serene and picture-perfect that it will remain forever imprinted on my memory.

Step Back, Breathe, and Enjoy Life

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’m something of a sentimentalist; a hopeless romantic if you will. But even for poets, there are moments where you find yourself moved or touched by the overwhelming splendor of nature.


As I sat peacefully on the balcony of the suite with my beloved in that moment, taking in the majestic setting of the Brazilian sun, all the frustrations of life were suspended and kept at bay.

I felt truly blessed because I was able to share that wonderful moment with my wife—a genuinely magical moment that will be preserved in memory. This is what I found in the Ferradura Private. And this is what you have the chance to discover for yourself!

Here between the hills and the sea, in this very intimate setting, Ferradura Resort is situated in one of the most beautiful and attractive parts of the region. And it is a place I highly recommend for your trip to Buzios, whether that be an intimate honeymoon trip or a nice getaway with the family.

Ferradura Private Resort meets all your wishes and ensures that while you’re there you enjoy the best of life.