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The Best Full Day Tour in Manaus, Amazon

Imagine that you are blessed with the opportunity to travel to the Amazon and do a full day ecotourism tour. Have that vivid picture in your mind? Well, it can be a reality. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and filled with rivers, fish, and experiences that showcase the indescribable beauty and rawness of the Amazon. This region is a must see or bucket-list destination! Many people believe that the Amazon has only large cities sparsely spaced between vast forests. This is a myth; the Amazon is home to several small towns situated within the gigantic...

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Renovations At The Tijuca National Park In Rio

When I talk about the Tijuca National Park, many of you might not know what we are referencing. That is until I mention that the top of the park is the most visited tourist point in Brazil and is the home of Christ the Redeemer, the great statue that is situated majestically atop the park. recently explored Tijuca National Park along with my See You in Brazil team while we were in Brazil on a mission to give you the inside scoop about Rio and the renovations on major hotels, such as the former Hotel Paineiras. One of our...

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