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Category: Bites of Brazil

Top 9 Things You Must Try in Brazil

Indulge Your Senses When I travel abroad I want to make sure I not only see the culture, but taste the culture. If you travel with the intention of indulging all of your senses fully, you will more intensely remember your experiences… so… put down those phones… take a deep breath in… and look around! Then, of course… order something delicious! Food is special. It is incredible how certain foods or flavors can intensify beautiful memories. If you are hesitant to try new foods and are thinking “easy for her to say.” Trust me, I have not always been...

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The Best Boutique Hotel of Rio

Oi! Mister Brazil here straight from Rio de Janeiro. Traveling once again for business, and fun (because Brazil is always a happy experience)! Before I share a Bite of Brazil with you today, I’d like to share a personal reflection I had this week… I don’t know if I’ve expressed how much I love my job. It’s tough like any other job. The difference is that I enjoy the struggles and day to day grind as much as the days when everything goes as expected (which is so rare that my team celebrates these occasions). All of the hard...

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