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Ferradura Private Resort in Buzios

Exclusivity in Buzios—Ferradura Private Resort Today I’d like to share with you my home city—Mister Brazil’s own personal and favorite paradise destination. I’ll go a little bit at a time since Buzios is such an important tourism spot within Brazil, and because Brazil is such a huge and amazing country in which to get lost. So let’s go! There’s a lot to talk about and I already feel like cooking some seafood to get back in the Buzios groove. With an exciting history filled with pirates, privateers, and European sailors, the peninsula of Buzios has been a hotspot of...

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Why Copacabana is the Most Famous and Happy Beach in Brazil

Brazil’s Famous Beach Just about everyone in the world has heard of Copacabana beach. It is arguably the most democratic, accommodating, and welcoming place around Rio de Janeiro, producing a healthy mix of people and cultures from around the world. A Place for Celebration I vividly remember last year at the 2014 FIFA World Cup something uniquely beautiful that happened. When I was strolling down the sidewalk of Copacabana with customers of See You In Brazil and tourists from various parts of the world, while celebrating the games and festivities, I noticed several teens in a group walking on...

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