Whoever said that Brazilians don’t enjoy a good burger?

With a rich culinary history steeped in gastronomic influences from all over the world, Rio offers gourmet burgers with a high quality choice of Brazilian sourced beef. (Brazil and Argentina have the best beef.)

And the Carioca (people from Rio) are crazy for meat and beer—cold, really cold beer—and the Brazilian steakhouses situated in Rio are more than happy to oblige.

With a Brazilian-American touch, Rio does not miss a beat when cooking this typically American dish.

There are good burger options in a number of houses throughout Rio where getting a great tasting burger is easy work.


The best houses are located in the Zona Sul (South Zone) at Botafogo and at Copacabana and in the Jardim Botanico neighborhood.


With the majority of the awesome burger places, Botafogo is at the top of the list.

It is a cozy and affluent neighborhood in Rio with a lot of Uncle Sam burger influence. And its situation just a few blocks from the beach and near Sugar Loaf makes for a stunning setting.

Several historic houses have been transformed into gourmet food destinations and popular bars—like the spectacular Irajá Gastro.

Cariocas visit this area for the popular happy hours that extend late into the night, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Many restaurants (some with very good artisan craft beer) offer comfortable and casual outdoor seating where guests are able to eat, drink and socialize at their leisure.

When you are visiting the city, whether it be for the 2016 Olympics or for a honeymoon vacation, you can easily check out the burger places in Botafogo.

Botafogo is “just a little step” (as we say on Brazil) from the famous Copacabana Beach—10 minutes by cab or 1 or 2 stations away on the metro (subway).

Here are a few burger places in Rio de Janeiro you cant’ miss

1) Irajá Gastro


Although not as popular as the widely known Hell’s Burger (also in Botafogo)—you can’t miss Iraja Gastro’s Australian Ribeye Black Angus burger (a mouthful of goodness) with thick bacon, cheese, onion and toasted bread with butter—you can request a mayo, according your preference.

Address: Conde de Irajá 109, Botafogo (2246-1395)



Angelic tastes but crazy prices (is this burger for Greek gods?)

This famous chic burger place by Roberta Sudbrack is situated in the Jardim Botanic neighborhood and so definitely take in a tour of the stunning botanical garden of Rio before you eat (to work up an appetite) or after to help your digestion of the amazing burger.

The special burger is served only on Wednesday though for a price of $R 64.00 or $18.00 (US dollars).

Why so expensive? Hum…a perfect burger with 200 grams of beef tenderloin delicately textured and the right amount of cheese.

It’s recipe of love.

The homemade bread is baked fresh each day with tomato, arugula sprouts and parmigiana Reggiano gratin added.

Address: Ave. Lineu de Paula Machado, 916, Jardim Botanico

3) Pub Escondido, CA


This California style pub, brewer temple is in Copacabana but its name is a tribute to the city of the same name in California which is the home of the famous Stone Brewing Company.

The brewing company is renowned for its strong personality, regional footprint and sustainability concept.

At Pub Escondido, CA there are a stunning 24 taps of beer with the focus on premium beers, handmade and unique with the influence of Indian Pale Ale style—some with hops and a very fruity flavor and a higher alcohol content. http://www.pubescondidoca.com

Address: Rua Aires Saldanha 98, Copacabana (2522-9800)

Some other burger places I would recommend

By the way, send me your comments and/or send us a picture so we can feature you on our blog if you visit one of these houses.

And they are all in Botafogo—the place to be for an exquisite burger!

Botafogo Neighborhood:

Hell’s Burger

Rua Muniz Barreto, 805. Loja I. Tel. (21) 3442-9174


Rua Conde de Iraja, 191. Tel. (21) 3449-1834

Naturalie Bistro

Rua Visconde de Cavavelas, 11. Tel. (21) 2537-7443

Livraria Prefacio

Rua Voluntarios da Patria, 39, Botafogo. Tel. (21) 2527-8843

Humaita Neighborhood:

Meza Bar

Rauf Capitao Salomao, 69. Tel. (21) 3239-1951

Stay tuned to Rio de Janeiro’s Artisan Beer Specialist and his recommendations.